The project RADAR implemented learning and transnational cooperation activities to help the relevant organisations in the Danube area to identify risk on their road networks and help them reduce risk systematically by improving road infrastructure and roads’ layout.

The project tackled the differences in road infrastructure safety levels between western and eastern EU countries. It contributed to improving the knowledge and capacities of all involved stakeholders in the Danube region to successfully address road infrastructure safety. The RADAR project facilitated transnational knowledge and best practice sharing processes and made ready-to-use tools for improvements available in national languages to governments in participating countries.

With National Action Plans RADAR partnership defined clear steps for implementation and pilot actions and assisted local authorities to prioritise high risk road sections. The development of implementation-ready Road Layout Concept Plans identified specific needs at locations prior to crash countermeasure implementation.

The establishment of a transnational Road Safety Expert Group bolstered knowledge across the region and draw on input from beyond its borders towards a first region-wide Danube Infrastructure Road Safety Improvement Strategy.

RADAR was instrumental in building regional capacity and strategic action plans for evidence-based smart road infrastructure investment in Eastern Europe.

RADAR aimed to contribute to closing the gap between policy and practice in road safety with collaboration between government and highway authorities for casualty reduction and the operational engineering activities required to deliver them. In that sense, during the RADAR’s 3.5-year period, the project addressed national public authority, the general public, interest groups and non-governmental organizations, international organizations, professionals and especially road safety engineers.

Project Partners

  • European Institute of Road Assessment – EuroRAP, Slovenia (Lead partner)
  • Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Slovenia, Slovenia
  • University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Croatia
  • General Automotoclub of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic
  • Austrian Road Safety Board, Austria
  • KTI Institute for Transport Sciences Nonprofit Ltd, Hungary
  • Bulgarian Association for Road Safety, Bulgaria
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Automobile Club, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Automobile Club of Moldova, Moldova

Associated Strategic Partners

  • Ministry of Infrastructure, Slovenian Infrastructure Agency, Slovenia
  • Croatian Roads, Croatia
  • Public Company Roads of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • The Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic
  • Southeast Europe Transport Observatory, Serbia
  • European Union Strategy for Danube Region Priority Area 1b – Road, Rail and Air links, Slovenia
  • Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Moldova
  • Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Montenegro
  • Road Infrastructure Agency (at the Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works), Bulgaria
  • International Road Assessment Programme, United Kingdom
  • National Company for Roads Infrastructure Administration, Romania
  • National Motorway Company, Ltd., Slovakia

More about the project is available on the official project webpage. Below are some project promotional materials and infographics in English. Visit the RADAR webpage for more materials in different languages. 

Some RADAR materials:
RADAR project Final Magazine
Safer Roads Investment Plans
Provisions for Vulnerable Road Users
Smart Speed Management Infrastructure
Road Safety near Schools
Transport Safety and Covid-19

Project was co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, ENI, IPA).

RADAR – Risk Assessment on Danube Area Roads

Danube Transnational Programme (Interreg), Call 2

1 June 2018–30 November 2021

Better connected and energy responsible Danube region.

Overall: 2,152,510.00 EUR
ERDF: 1,523,064.00 EUR
IPA: 210,307.00 EUR
ENI: 96,262.50 EUR

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