European Institute of Road Assessment

  • The European Institute of Road Assessment (EIRA) is a not-for-profit entity established under Slovenian law as a zavod by board members of the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP), an international not-for-profit membership organisation registered in Belgium in 2002.
  • EIRA’s purpose is to promote assessment of the inbuilt safety attributes of roads in south-east Europe and the Balkans using EuroRAP protocols, which promote safer road infrastructure and are embedded in national road safety strategies across Europe.
  • EuroRAP staff have supported national road assessment projects and several large transnational projects with the European Commission including the European Road Safety Atlas and the 14-country €1.4m SENSoR programme covering 19.000km of roads in south-east Europe.
  • EIRA draws on the support, skills and knowledge of EuroRAP’s 56 public authority and not-for-profit members.

EIRA partners with the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP) to reduce road deaths and injuries across Europe. To find out more about EuroRAP click here.

Olivera Photo

Olivera Rozi

Project Director

Dr Steve Lawson

Regional Director